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Adventure Mountain+ - REOPENED 1/22/2021

Al and Stevie's Ski Village* (see Ski Village)

Al Quaal

Allegan Winter Sports Area

Alpena Ski Slope* (see Manning Hill)

Apple Mountain (also called Bintz Apple Mountain)

AuSable Ski Ranch* - See Michaywe Slopes

Avalanche Peak - also called Barn Mountain

Bahle Park Ski Hill

Bald Eagle Ski Hill (may also have been called Harringbone Ridge)

Bald Mountain State Recreation Area

Barn Mountain* - See Avalanche Peak

Barton Hills Country Club

Bear Hills

Bear Mountain+ (formerly Grayling Winter Sports Park, still open as Hanson Hills)

Big-M Ski Area* (see Manistee Ski Area)

Binder Park

Bintz Apple Mountain* (see Apple Mountain)

Birch Hills Ski Area

Birchwood Farm Lodge

Black Forest

Black Mountain Ski Area

Brady's Hills (later called Winterskoll)

Braman Hill Recreation Area

Bremer's Hill

Briar Hill Ski Area

Briar Mountain* - (See Norway Mountain , also called Vulcan USA, Norway Mountain closed in 2018 and reopened in 2024)

Brice's Hill* (see Bryce's Hill)

Brock Park

Brule Mountain+ (currently open as Ski Brule)

Bryce's Hill (Brice's Hill)

Buck Hills+ - still open as Crystal Mountain

Calvin College

Canadian Lakes Club

Carousel Mountain

Caspian Ski Hill * - see Spring Valley

Chainsaw Mountain

Chelsea Ski Hollow

Chimney Corners Resort

Chipmunk Bluff

Ci-Bo Ski Hill

Circle TNT Ski Area and Campground (previously called Jack Pine Valley)

Cliff's Ridge+ - currently operating as Marquette Mountain

Cole Creek* - see Fonro Ski Resort

Danforth Ski Area (Escanaba Winter Sports Park)

Diggins Hill Park

Dryden Ski Area

Duke's Ski Slope / Duke's Lake

East Bay+ (probably Mt. Holiday - still open

Echo Valley

Elberta Mountan Winter Sports Park

Escanaba Winter Sports Park* (see Danforth Ski Area)

Eskar Hills (Esker?) - may also be Middleville Ski Resort

Fettig Hill / Petoskey Ski Club

Flint Parks and Recreation ????

Fonro Ski Resort - later called Cole Creek

Ford Mountain^

Forest Hill Ski Resort ^- looks like ski jump only

Franklin Hill

Fry's Winter Sports Park

Fulton Lake Snow Bowl* Probably Snow Bowl

Fun Valley

  • Mio, MI - north central Michigan (Oscoda County) - 5 mi. N of Mio on county rd. 612, 2 mi from Muscrat lake, 1454 County Highway 610, Mio, Michigan ??? / maybe Autumn Hills Resort, 295 W Miller Rd. Mio, MI 48647
  • o: 1971
  • operated by the city of Mio
  • Google Maps / Google Earth ??
    44.75772148762375, -84.13097391677185
    Please email - mark@mwlsap.org - if you know a more precise location.
  • Michigan Winter is 'Red Hot' Fun Season - Livingston County Daily Press and Argus (Howell, Michigan) · Wed, Dec 1, 1971
  • Snow! To the Slopes! - Lansing State Journal (Lansing, Michigan) · Sat, Jan 8, 1972 (important paragraph also at Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page)
  • Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page - Search: Fun Valley

Galaxy Hills


Glacier Hills

Goshorn Hills

Grand Beach Ski Club

Grand Haven Ski Bowl+ - currently operating as Mulligan's Hollow

Grand Rapids Ski Club (2)

Grand River Park Ski Area

Grand Valley State College Ski Hill

Granview Orchards (Peabody's Apple Orchard)

Grayling Winter Sports Park+ - (see Bear Mountain, still open as Hanson Hills)

Greenbush Inn

  • Greenbush, MI - north east Michigan - Inn located at 2411 S. State Street - skiing and tobogganing hills were approximately 2 miles N – on the W side of US 23. beyond the Greenbush Golf Course - Everett Road
  • Google Maps / Google Earth ???
    44.6117782627895, -83.32454621482518
    Please email - mark@mwlsap.org - if you know a more precise location.
  • Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project

Griswold Mountain Ski Area (Hill View?)

Harbor Highlands Ski Resort+ - (Boyne Highlands) currently open as The Highlands

Harbor Springs Kiwanis Park

Harringbone Ridge* - see Bald Eagle Ski Hill

Hawk Island Snow Park

  • Lansing, MI - 1601 E. Cavanaugh Road, Lansing, MI 48910
  • o: 2012, magic carpet for tubing added in 2016, no mention of skiing after 2014. Still open for tubing.
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    42.697190292483675, -84.52797132591499
  • Despite delay in opening, park will be "worth the wait" - Lansing State Journal (Lansing, Michigan) · Sat, Jan 28, 2012 page 1 / page 2
  • Snow lovers flock to Hawk Island - Lansing State Journal (Lansing, Michigan) · Sun, Dec 30, 2012
  • Picture - Lansing_State_Journal_Sunday, February 02, 2014 - handle tow and snowboarders

Hidden Valley* - see Ostego Ski Club - Still open

Highland Recreation Area *- see Teeple Hill

Hilton Shanty Creek* - see Shanty Creek

Holiday Hills+ - currently open as Mt. Holiday

Houghton Lake* (see Snow Bowl)

Hu-Lu Heights (Hulu Heights Winter Sports Area)
May have been togaggon only

Indian Hills Ski Park

Indian Hills

Irish Hills Sports Park - renamed Shamrock Valley in 1979

Iroquois Mountain Lodge (originally called Mission Hill Ski Resort)

Ishpeming Winter Sports Park

Jack Pine Valley* - see Circle TNT

Jordan Valley Lodge^

Kalamazoo Country Club

Kalamazoo Ski Club

  • Plainwell, MI - southwest Michigan - AB Avenue between Douglas and 12th Street; slopes may have faced east and been accessed by a driveway running west from Douglas
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    42.4093960485167, -85.6233635457187
    location very uncertain
  • Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project

Kandahar (formerly Summit Ski Club / Summit Ski Area)

Kenyon's Resort

Kiwanis Winter Sports Park * - see Harbor Springs Kiwanis Park

Kirlin Hill* - see Mt Mesnard

Lake Shore Ski Club

Lake Valley Resort (Lake Valley Ski Area)

Lansing Ski Club / Lansing Ski Area

Lee Tow Winter Sports Park

  • Caro, MI - southeast Michigan - on M46, 11.5 mi. W of M53 and 3.5 mi. E of M24; probably near the intersection of M46 and Lee Hill Rd. - maybe on Lee Hill Dr
  • o: 1960 c: 1968 (?) v: 320 ft
  • Google Maps / Google Earth ??? ( Lee Hill Dr.)
    43.40836713788471, -83.31384025345925
    Please email - mark@mwlsap.org - if you know a more precise location.
  • Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project
  • Winter Sports Area Near Caro - Harbor Beach Times (Harbor Beach, Michigan) · Thu, Dec 15, 1960
  • ad - The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent (Sebewaing, Michigan) · Thu, Jan 24, 1963
  • ad - Harbor Beach Times (Harbor Beach, Michigan) · Thu, Jan 2, 1964
  • For Fun - Ski Lee-Tow - The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent (Sebewaing, Michigan) · Thu, Feb 4, 1965
  • For a full season of Skiing - The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent (Sebewaing, Michigan) · Thu, Dec 28, 1967
  • When skiing with new bindings - The Sebewaing Blade and Unionville Crescent (Sebewaing, Michigan) · Thu, Jan 4, 1968
  • Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page

Leelanau Schools Ski Hill *

Les Cheneaux

Little Switzerland Ski Area+ - currently operating as Swiss Valley

Lions Club Ski Hill

  • Wadhams / Port Huron, MI - east central Michigan - 5 miles NW of Wadhams 1/4 off Lapeer Rd. (M21) on Abbottsford Rd. along the Black River; 3248 Abbottsford Rd, North Street, MI
  • Port Huron Lions Club
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    43.0016236113479, -82.56072832022454
  • Michigan's Forgotten Ski Areas - Facebook

Lookout Hills Ski Park / Lookout Inn

Lost Lake Woods Club

Lost Pines Lodge

Lovells Winter Playground

Ludington Ski Area (earlier called Riverton Ski Area)

Ludington State Park - tow?

Mackinac College Ski Slope (also called: Rex Humbard College Ski Slope, Stonecliffe, Mt Humbard)

Madcap Winter Sports Park

Major Mountain

Manistee Ski Area (also called Big-M Ski Area and Udell Hills)

Manning Ski Hill / Alpena Ski Slope

Maple Mountain


McGuires Ski Resort

Michaywe Slopes (formerly called AuSable Ski Ranch)

Middleville Ski Resort (may also be Eskar Hills)

Miles Kimmerly Recreation Area

Minneapolis Woods Ski Area + - still open as Sault Seal Recreation Area

Mio Mountain

Mission Hill Ski Resort *- see Iroquois Mountain Lodge

Mont Brier * - see Norway Mountain

Moon Ridge

  • Lakeville, MI - southwest Michigan - on the east side of a small ridge north of Lakeview on 95th Avenue,
    3 (2) mi N of Lakeview on Lincoln Road in Montcalm County, about 1/2 mi S of the north county line about a quarter mi S of 1 Mile Rd
  • c: 1968
  • Google Maps / Google Earth ???
    43.47338027942229, -85.27508889799282
    Please email - mark@mwlsap.org - if you know a more precise location.
  • Michigan Lost Ski Areas Project
  • Skiers Expect A Banner Year - Detroit Free Press, Oct. 27, 1968

Mott Mountain (later called Silver Ridge, maybe Black Mountain, maybe also called Jasper Ski Resort)

Mt. Christie

Mt. Frederick- reopened as Twin Peaks in 1973

Mt. Gabriel

Mt. Grampian

Mt. Humbard *- See Mackinac College Ski Slope

Mt. Joy

Mt. Judah

Mt. Kimberly

Mt. Mancelona

Mt. Maria Ski Lodge

Mt. Mesnard - formerly Kirlin Hill

Mt. Onaway Ski Run

MTU-Soo Ski Area (MTU Sault Branch Hill)

Muskegon State Park / Muskegon Winter Sports Complex

Mussatti Ski Hill

  • Bessemer, MI - upper peninsula - south side of Blackjack right along US2, E of Bessemer and N of road that leads to Anvil Location (mine?)
  • built and operated by the 4-H on the George Mussatti farm
  • Google Maps / Google Earth ???
    46.48591044013235, -90.02085500589538
    Please email - mark@mwlsap.org - if you know a more precise location.
  • Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page
  • 4-H Sports Day - The Bessemer Herald , Feb 17, 1966

Newaygo County Sports Park

Oakland University Ski Tow

Ogemaw Hills

Ortonville State Recreation Area

Oxbow Club and Ski Area

Pando Ski Center (also called Pando Park)

Paradise Valley

Peabody Apple Orchard* - see Granview Orchards

Peek-A-Boo Hill

Pere Marquette Ski Club

Petoskey Winter Sports Park

Pinckney State Recreation Area

Pinnacles (The)* - later called Tyrolean

Pleasant Valley Ski Area

Pioneer Hills Winter Sports Park

Pontiac Lake Recreation Area

  • Pontiac, MI - southeasrt Michigan - 10 mi. W of Pontiac, on Orr Rd off M-59, "adjoining recreation area" - private,"members and guests only of the Kandahar Ski Club". This part of Orr Rd is now Maceday Rd,
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    42.686430371172534, -83.47274590542223
    • Email - Sandra Wood: " When we were kids in the late 50s and early 60s, we used to hike in that area all the time. I remember seeing what was left of the ski area then. The only thing I can remember seeing at the time where the old cable pulleys on posts on the hill. The pulleys were actually old vehicle tire rims.

      Many years later while bike riding out there, I found nothing left of the ski area. I am very sure the area was what is now the camping area of the park which is off Maceday Road on the north side of the park. There are two very nice hills there that I am sure are the old ski area. I did quite a bit of bike riding out there and I am sure I would have seen anything that was left.

      The names of the roads out there have changed a bit in the last 50 years and I think that section of Maceday Road was at one time Orr Road.

      Based on what I saw, the ski area was gone before the early 60s. "

    • Please email - mark@mwlsap.org - if you know a more precise location.
  • Eastern Lower Peninsula Map 1958 - Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page
  • Caberfae Opening for Skiing - Battle Creek Enquirer (Battle Creek, Michigan) · Fri, Nov 20, 1959 (Kandahar)
  • The American Ski Directory, by William Pain, Permabook, 1961

Prospect Hill - also called Valley Farm

Rex Humbard College Ski Slope* - See Mackinac College Ski Slope

Riverbank Golf Club

Riverton Ski Area * - see Ludington Ski Area

Riverview Highlands (Mt. Trashmore)

Rockland Ski Hill / Rockland Winter Sports Club


Royal Valley* (later called Ski World)

Russell's Ridge


Shamrock Valley * (Shamrock Valley Sports Park) - see Irish Hills Sports Park

Shanty Creek (original, without Schuss Mt.) - later Summit Mountain / Summit Mountain at Shanty Creek

Sheridan Valley

Silver Beach Ski Resort

Silver Mountain

Silver Ridge Resort* (See Mott Mountain)

Silver Valley

Silverbell Village Ski Area (Silver Bell Village)

Ski-A-Way + - see Petoskey Winter Sports Park - still open

Ski Homestead+ - now part of Ski Brule (still open)

Ski Village (also called Waters Ski Club, Waters Ski Village; Al and Stevie's Ski Village)

Ski World (formerly called Royal Valley)

Skyline Ski Area (also Sky Line)

Snow Bowl (Houghton Lake Snow Bowl)

Snow Valley

Spring Valley - also called Caspian Ski Hill

Stonecliffe* - See Mackinac College Ski Slope

Sugar Loaf

Summit Mountain / Summit Mountain at Shanty Creek * - see Shanty Creek

Summit Ski Area / Summit Ski Club * - became Kandahar

Superior Hills

Sylvan Resort / Sylvan Knob) + - still operating as Treetops

Teeple Hill

Thunder Bowl

Thunder Mountain

Timberlee Hills



Twin Peaks - location of former Mt. Frederick,

Tyrolean (Tyrolean Hills; previously called Pinnacles Ski Resort)

Udell Hills* - see Manistee Ski Area

Valley Farm* - probably the same as Prospect Hills

Vanderbilt Ski Club

Vernier Hill

Village Inn

Vulcan U.S.A.* - became Briar Mt and later Norway Mountain - Norway Mountain closed in 2018 and reopened in 2024

Walloon Hills Ski Area +- currently home to Challenge Mountain

Ward Hill(s) Ski Area

Waters Ski Club / Waters Ski Village* see Ski Village

Western Michigan University

Whiskey Creek (Whiskey Creek Recreations Inc.)

Winterskoll* (see Brady's Hills)

Woodbridge Ski Area

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* renamed; closed
+ renamed; open
^ never opened


Bergland Hill - See Holiday Mountain - NEVER OPENED

Copper Harbor- NEVER OPENED

Deertrack Village Resort - NO TOW INSTALLED

  • Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page (also: Marquette Has New Ski Area - The Escanaba Daily Press (Escanaba, Michigan) · 13 Dec 1949)
  • From Marquette Regional History Center:


    We don't have any record of skiing or a rope tow at Deertrack Village, although we have records of it operating as a summer resort. If you would like to continue looking, we have the original local newspapers, the Mining Journal, available for research.

    Please let me know if you have any other questions.

    Beth Gruber, Research Librarian
    John M. Longyear Research Library
    Marquette Regional History Center
    145 W. Spring St.
    Marquette, MI 49855

Holiday Mountain^ - NEVER OPENED (also called Bergland Hill, White Pine Ridge, and Tower Hill)

Michigan State University Ski Hill - NEVER OPENED

Rapid River Ski Park - NEVER OPENED



Tower Mountain (High Tower Ski Mountain) - NEVER OPENED

Rec Plans Are Announced - Traverse City Record-Eagle (Traverse City, Michigan) · Sat, Oct 26, 1968



Miller Hill near Maple City, MI



Sent 10/20/23

Leelanau Historical Society,

I manage the Midwest Lost Ski Areas Project (mwlsap.org), a website that is attempting to list all the abandoned ski areas in the Midwest. I have evidence that Chainsaw Mountain, "on a bend off Trumbull Road", was the first ski area in Leelanau County. I have not been able to find its exact location. Do you know where it was located? All the information I do have can be found at: https://www.mwlsap.org/michigan/mi.htm#chainsawmountain


Also, according to: https://leelanauconservancy.org/2004/02/theiss-glen-lake-hillside/ , "As interest in skiing grew, the action moved first to Miller Hill, and then to Sugarloaf." So it sounds like there was skiing on Miller Hill as well. Can you confirm this?


Any information that you may have on skiing at Chainsaw Mountain and Miller Hill would be greatly appreciated. I can find nothing at newspapers.com


Mark Healy



Ontonogon, MI

  • Ski Reports - The Minneapolis Star (Minneapolis, Minnesota) · Fri, Jan 13, 1956

Location of Silver Beach, Lewiston, MI. DM sent to FB Otsego Area Historical Society 8/30/2023

Is Homestead located at the Leelanau Schools ski hill?

win Peaks

Hidden Valley

  • same as Otsego??
  • location

location of Chainsaw Mountain

location of Chelsea Ski Hollow

location of Danforth Ski Area

location of Fun Valley

  • posted on Mich lost FB page

location of Greenbush Inn

location of Hu-Lu Heights

location of Lake Valley Resort

location of Lee Tow Winter Sports Park

location of Lovells Winter Playground

location of Madcap Winter Sports Park

location of Moon Ridge

location of Mt. Mesnard

location of MTU-Soo Ski Area

location of Mussatti Ski Hill

location of Pere Marquette Ski Club

location of Pinckney State Recreation Area

location of Riverbank Golf Club

location of Ski Village

location of Woodbridge Ski Area

George Young Golf Course - WORKING ON

Hill View - WORKING ON
maybe Griswold Mountain

Flint Parks and Recreation ????- WORKING ON

George N. Brady Scout Reservation - WORKING ON

  • Waterford MI / Green Lake MI, 6970 Andersonville Road
  • Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page (picture of skiing, but no tow)
  • Boy Scouts
  • Operated from 1921 to 1946. Sold in 1946, the site is now occupied by Bay Court Park in Independence Charter Township.

Snowshoe Mountain DONE - this is Snow Snake Mountain - still open

  • between Harrison and Clare on US27
  • ERROR - East Michigan Offers Sports Variety - Detroit Free Press (Detroit, Michigan) · Fri, Jan 9, 1953, I believe this news article meant Snow Snake Mountain

Village Inn Walloon Lake ?? - WORKING ON

Kensington Park (Kensington Metropolitan Park) - NO TOW


  • Pontiac, MI (Oakland County) - Hwy M-59, 10 mi. W
  • o: 1950
  • note: Oakland County MI is the current home of Mt. Holly, Pine Knob, and Alpine Valley ski areas, and home to the former Teeple Hill ski area
  • New Ski Area Set For Opening - Detroit Free Press, 31 Dec 1950 (also found at Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page) - this is the only mention that I can find
  • I asked Dave Decker of the Oakland County Pioneer and Historical Society about the existance of Hollow Springs mentioned in the newpaper article. Here is his response:
    • "I’m sure it confused people when it was printed because there is no, absolutely no, evidence anywhere in land records, maps, aerial photos, or our other more secret sources that there was ever a ski area named “Hollow Springs” located ten miles west of Pontiac.

      I’m led to conclude, then that the newspaper reporter somehow conflated “Teeple Hill” with “Hollow Springs” but as far as the evidence goes, I have found nothing ."

Bloomfield Hills Country Club - WORKING ON

Whiteface - WORKING ON




Adventure Mountain - REOPENED 1/22/2021

Alpine Valley Ski Area

Big Powderhorn

Big Valley Ski and Tube


Black River Basin - Snowriver Mountain Resort (formerly Blackjack - Big Snow Resort

Boyne Highlands (see The Highlands)

Boyne Mountain

Caberfae Peaks Ski Resort

Cannonsburg Ski Area

Challenge Mountain - formerly Walloon Hills

Chatham Ski Hill (also called Hiawatha Slopes)

Covington Ski Hill

Crystal Mountain (formerly Buck Hills)

Crystella Ski Hill

Gladstone Sports Park (John and Melissa Besse Sports Park)

Hanson Hills

Hiawatha Slopes

  • still OPEN
  • Chatham. MI (upper peninsula)
  • v: 86 ft.

Hickory Hills

The Highlands (The Highlands at Harbor Springs) -formerly Boyne Highlands, Harbor Highlands)

The Homestead

Jackson Creek Summit - Snowriver Mountain Resort (formerly Indianhead Mountain - Big Snow Resort

John and Melissa Besse Sports Park (see Gladstone Sports Park)

Marquette Mountain (formerly Cliff's Ridge)

Missaukee Mountain

Mont Ripley

Mt. Bohemia

Mt Brighton

Mt Holiday Ski Area - formerly Holiday Hills

Mt Holly

Mt. McSauba

Mt. Zion

Mulligan's Hollow Ski Bowl - formerly Grand Haven Ski Bowl

Norway Mountain - formerly Briar Mountain , Mont Brier, and Vulcan USA

Nub's Knob

Ostego Ski Club (formerly Hidden Valley)

Pine Knob

Pine Mountain

Porcupine Mountain (Porkies)

Sault Seal Recreation Area - also called Minneapolis Woods Ski Hill

Schuss Mountain at Shanty Creek

Ski Brule - combined with Ski Homestead

Snow Snake Mountain

Swiss Valley Ski Lodge - formerly Little Switzerland Ski area

Timber Ridge Ski Area

Tower Mountain

Treetops (Sylvan) Resort


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Detroit Free Press, Feb. 6, 1953


Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page - omissions noted


Detroit Free Press, December 27, 1957


1958 - Upper Peninsula

Detroit Free Press, Fri, Dec 26, 1958


Detroit Free Press, Fri. Jan. 6, 1961

PDF (Full Newspaper Page with additional articles):


From Michigan's Forgotten Ski Areas


Detroit Free Press, Dec. 9, 1962 (from Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page)


Detroit Free Press, Dec. 8, 1963 (from Michigan Ski Area History Facebook Page)


Traverse City Record Eagle, Sat. Dec. 24, 1966


Chicago Tribune - Dec. 3, 1967


Chicago Tribune, Sunday, December 01

#78, Frontier Mountain, had toboggan runs only, with a rope tow. No skiing.


The Ludington Daily News, Jan 14, 1969


Traverse City Record Eagle,Jan. 22 ,1970


Lansing State Journal (Lansing, Michigan) · Sat, Jan 8, 1972 (jpg)



Lansing State Journal, Nov 21, 1974


Detroit Free Press, Sun. Nov. 2, 2008

* renamed; closed
+ renamed; open
^ never opened

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