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For more information and pictures on most of these lost ski areas go to the Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page and search. What a great resource!


Americana + - still open as Mountain Top at Grand Geneva, was also called Indian Knob, Playboy Club, and Hotdog Mountain

Baldy Mountain Ski Hill (Old Baldy)

  • Cornell, WI - northwest Wisconsin - adjacent to the Chippewa County Forest, a few miles west of Cornell
  • v: 150 ft. 1 rope tow
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    45.207497755530724, -91.27312637192851
  • Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page 1 2


Baird's Creek+ - see Moon Valley, still open as Triangle Sports Area

Bay View Hill * see Williams Bay Ski Hill

Bear Valley * (see Pink Panther)

Big Bearskin Lake Ski Hill

Big Dipper * - see Echo Valley

Big Hill Memorial Park - ski jump only

Birch Haven (originally called Suicide Hill)

  • Baraboo, WI - south central Wisconsin - Midway between Sauk City and Baraboo, 1 and 1/2 miles west of Badger Ordnance Plant on County C, two miles west of Bluffview
  • v: 278 ft. o: 1954
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    43.37810337011754, -89.79698513914774 ???
  • Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page (Birch Haven) 1 2 3 4 5 6
  • skimap.org

Birch Park (also called Eight Flags of Birch Park)

  • Houlton, WI - west central Wisconsin - three miles east of Stillwater, MN (east facing slopes)
  • v: 230 ft. o: 1968
  • In 1978 (Skalka): 7 rope tows, 1 T-bar, 3 chairlifts
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    45.05504556522163, -92.74947877776476
  • Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page 1 2 3
  • skimap.org

Birchwood Valley

Boulder Junction - probably Mus-Ski Mountain

  • Boulder Junction - north central Wisconsin
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
  • On 1972 map - Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page

Bull Run Ski Area

Calumet County Park (previously called Calumet Hills)

Chain O' Lakes

Chanticleer Inn

Coon's Hill

Crystal Ridge+ - still open as Rock Snowpark

Currie Park

Deer Trail

Deepwood (may be reopening as Woodwind Park)

Delafield Lodge* (see Velkommen)

Dellwood Ski Area ??? - probably Deepwood

  • Colfax, WI - west central Wisconsin
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
  • Ski Reports - Minneapolis Star, Feb. 18, 1960, p. 52
  • This is the only reference that could be found. May be a misprint.

Devil's Lake - Windy City Ski Club * - see Windy City Hill

Dretzka Park

Dyracuse Mound

Eagle Bluff Ski Area

Echo Valley (later called Big Dipper)

Eight Flags of Birch Park* - see Birch Park

Elpa Lodge Slopes,


Eau Claire Winter Sports Club Ski Hill - see Pinehurst

Fawn Lake Lodge

Ferry Hill Winter Sports Area

The Flats - The Kiwanis Club of Oconto Falls

Forest Lake Ski Bowl

Fun Valley Ski Area

Frolic Valley

Gateway Lodge

Glenwood City 57 Hills Ski Area * - see Ski Glen

Greenbush Ski Hill


Harrison Hills (later called Silver Valley)

  • Gleason WI (Merrill, Tomahawk, Rhinelander) - north central Wisconsin
  • v: 200 o: 1968 c: 1986
  • In 1978 (Skalka): 3 rope tows
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    45.419633324217145, -89.44863605197693
  • Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page 1 2 3
  • vertical?
  • skimap.org


Hiawatha Hills

Hiawatha Slopes

Hidden Valley Ski Area

Highlands of Olympia * (See Olympia)

Hilly Haven Ski and Golf

Hogsback Hill

Hogsback Springs Recreation Area * (see Spur Lake Recreation Area)

Holiday Hill

Hotdog Mountain * (also called Indian Knob, Playboy Mountain, Mt. Playboy, Hotdog Mountain, Americana)- still open as Mountaintop at Grand Geneva

Indian Knob * (also called Americana, Playboy Mountain, Mt. Playboy, Hotdog Mountain) - still open as Mountaintop at Grand Geneva

Interlaken Resort


Iverson Park

Johnson Park

King's Gateway

Kiwanis Park (Kiwanis Hill) - Ripon

La Crosse Snow Bowl

Lake Arrowhead Resort

Lake Lawn Hotel / Ski Farm

Lapham Peak (Government Hill?)

Lincoln Hills School for Boys

Little Sun Valley

Little Swiss Valley *(see Velkommen)

Lockhaven (also called Spooner-Shell Lake Ski Area)

Lodi See and Ski

Machickanee Winter Sports Area

Majestic (Majestic Hills, Majestic Ski Area, Ski Majestic)

Manitou Valley Ski Valley

Maple Crest Ski Tow

  • Jeffris, WI - north central Wisconsin (10 miles south of Rhinelander on 17)
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
    45.50199175185563, -89.43044775717503 Jeffris, WI
  • Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page 1 2
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Maryhill + - currently open as Ausblick (private) located on Maryhill Rd., Sussex, WI

Mineral Point

Minocqua Winter Park *- see Squirrel Hill

Moccasin Snow Bowl

Moon Valley + (Moon Valley Ski Club) - (still open as Triangle Sports Area - originally at Baird's Creek, then moved to Fun Valley Ski Area)

Mo-Ski-Tow Hill

Mt. Atlanta + - still open as Christie Mountain

Mt. Fuji

Mt. LeBett

Mt. Ole ?

Mt. Redstone

Mt. Telemark * (see Telemark)

Mt. Tom (private)

Mus-Ski Mountain (also called Muskellunge)

Navarino Hills (previously known as Pues Hill)

Nemadji Hill

Nest Of Eagles

New Munster Ski Hill

Nor-Ski Ridge (became Omnibus)

North Hills (North Hills Ski Club)

Northernaire Resort

Norway Basin+ (formerly Sutter's Ridge, still open as Tryol Basin)

Oak Ridge Ski Hill (Oak Ridge Ski Club)

Old Baldy * - see Baldy Mountain

Olympia (also known as Scotsland, Highlands of Olympia)

Omnibus* (see Nor-Ski Ridge)

Paradise Valley Ski Resort

Perkinstown Winter Sports Park

Pinehurst (Pinehurst Bowl, also called Seymour Hill and )

Pink Panther (later Snowburst [1978], then Bear Valley [1985])

Playboy Club* - (also called Americana, Playboy Mountain, Mt. Playboy, and Indian Knob) still open as Mountaintop at Grand Geneva

Port Mountain +- still open as Mt. Ashwabay

Potawatomi State Park

Pues Hill * - see Navarino Hills

Rib Mountain + - still open as Granite Peak

Ripon Kiwanis Hill * - see Kiwanis Park


Scotsland * (see Olympia)

Schuster Park

See and Ski - see Lodi See and Ski

Seymour Hill - see Pinehurst

Sheltered Valley

Signal Mountain Ski Hill (Signal Hill)

Silver Valley * - see Harrison Hills

Silverbrook Resort (Silver Brook)

Ski Glen (also called Glenwood City 57 Hills Ski Area)

Ski-Mac * (see Snowcrest)

Ski View Ridge * (see View Ridge)

Skyline (or Sky Line)

Skyline Ski Area


Snowburst * (see Pink Panther)

Snowcrest (originally called Ski-Mac)

Spooner-Shell Lake Ski Area * - see Lockhaven

Spring Valley

Spur Lake Recreation Area (also known as Hogsback Springs Recreation Area)

Squirrel Hill (became Minocqua Winter Park)

Suicide Hill * (see Birch Haven)

Sutter's Ridge + (became Norway Basin, still open as Tyrol Basin)

Sylvan Hill Park

Telemark Resort (Mt. Telemark)


Touchet Ski Hill


UW Eau Claire * (see Mt. Ole)

UW Madison Ski Club Hill ?

Velkommen (also called Delafield Lodge, Little Swiss Valley, and Winter Haven)

View Ridge Ski Hill (Ski View Ridge)

Viking Skyline

?? Viola ?? Ski Hill

White Mountain

Whitnall Park

Willams Bay Ski Hill / Bay View Ski Hill (Winter Playgrounds at Williams Bay)

Windy City Hill - also called Devil's Lake - Windy City Ski Club

Winter Haven * - see Velkommen


Winterset Ski Area

Woodside Ranch

Wunderberg Ski Area + - still open as Sunburst

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TrailFarm LTD (near Camp Forest Springs )

From 1956 map:

  • Fox Valley (near UP border, or in the UP) - maybe Clumet County Park
  • (check Michigan areas on map)

From Janesville Daily Gazette 1948
Southern Wisconsin Gains Fame As Year Round Resort Area; Winter Sports Boom - Janesville Daily Gazette, Jan 9, 1948

Big Boulder Lodge - no tow 1953

Long Lake Resort, no tow 1952, 1953


Alpine Valley Resort

Ausblick (Private) previously called Maryhill

Blackhawk Ski Club (Private)

Bruce Mound Winter Sports Area

Camp 10

Cascade Mountain

Christie Mountain Ski Area (formerly Mt. Atlanta)

Christmas Mountain

Devil's Head Resort

Forest Springs / Sunset Hill (at Forest Springs)

Fox Hill Ski Area (private)

Granite Peak (formerly Rib Mountain)

Heiliger Huegel Ski Club (private)

Kettlebowl Ski Hill and Cross Country Trails

Kewaunee County Winter Park

Keyes Peak Ski Area

Little Switzerland

Mont du Lac Ski Area

  • Superior, WI - northeastern Wisconsin
  • o: 1948
  • website
  • skimap.org
  • Former Ski Jump: Fond Du Lac Ojibway Bowl (Big Ojibwe Mountain, Fond du Lac Winter sports Center)
  • Ski Jumping 1 2
  • skimap.org (0 maps)

Mt. Ashwabay (previously Port Mountain)

Mt. LaCrosse

Mountain Top at Grand Geneva (formerly Playboy Club, Americana, and Indian Knob)

Nordic Mountain

Nutt Hill

Paul Bunyan

Powers Bluff

Rock Snowpark (formerly Crystral Ridge)

Sunburst Ski Area (formerly Wunderberg)

Sunset Hill (see Forest Springs)

Standing Rocks County Park

Triangle Sports Area

Trollhaugen Ski Area

Tyrol Basin (previously called Sutters Ridge and Norway Basin)

Whitecap Mountains

Whitetail Ridge

Wilmot Mountain

Woodwind Park - formerly Deepwood - no skiing yet

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Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page - omissions noted


Minneapolis Tribune, Dec. 23, 1962, p. 53



from Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page




Chicago Tribune, Dec. 8, 1967




Green Bay Press Gazette
Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page



Green Bay Press Gazette
Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page




Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune
Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page


Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page




Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page


(not all areas listed)

See Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page for corrections




See Lost Wisconsin Ski Areas Facebook Page (map corrections)



The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) · Sat, Jan 10, 1981



The Post-Crescent (Appleton, Wisconsin) · 15 Dec 1985 (note: Bull Valley in Lake Geneva was the former Mt. Fuji. Cross country skiing only - it did NOT have 1 T-bat, 12 rope tows, and 12 double chairlifts)




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