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Allen's Thrill Hill

Anderson's Hill (became Ski Haven, still open as Mt. Kato)

Arctic Park - See Mt. Sitzmark

Bamber Hills (also called Rochester Ski Hill)

Barkers Alps (also North Star Tow)

Battle Creek Park

Benton Valley (also Lake Benton Valley, may also called Pipestone)

Blaine Ski Area

Breezy Point Estates

Buffalo Valley Ski Area

Cedar Hills Ski Park

Comet Skiways

Crestwood Golf and Ski

Eagle Mountain Ski Area

Edina Ski Tow

Egan's Resort / Egan's Hidden Valley Ski Tow (also called Hidden Valley)

Eko Backen

Finland Air Base

  • Finland, MN (Lake County - northeast Minnesota - 2.8 miles north of Finland, MN
  • v: 190 ft.
  • Google Maps / Google Earth (47°27'13.0"N 91°14'15.0"W)
  • skimap.org (0 maps)

Fond du Lac Winter Sports Center - see Ojibwe Ski Bowl

French Rapids


Golden Gate To Fun

Hallaway Hill Ski Area

Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley (another one - also called Egan's Resort and Egan's Hidden Valley Ski Tow)

Hole in the Mountain County Park

Inver Hills Ski Hill (previously called NorSki)

Lake Benton Valley - see Benton Valley

Lester-Amity Park Ski and Jumping Area

  • Duluth, MN (St. Louis County) northeast Minnesota
  • v: 62 ft.
  • 1 rope tow
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
  • skimap.org (0 maps) - this is the only reference I can find stating that there was a rope tow.

Little Squaw Valley

Lone Lake Ski Club

Lookout Mountain (Lookout Lodge, Minnesota's Lookout Mountain)

Marthaler Ski Area

Moon Valley Ski Area

Mt. Florida

  • Willmar, MN - (936 S, First St.) - central Minnesota
  • Upper Midwest Ski Areas, Minneapolis Tribune, Dec. 7, 1958, p. 52 - this is the only reference that I could find

Mt. Frontenac

Mt. Normandale - still open as Hyland Hills

Mt. Rockwood

Mt. Silver (may be the same as Two Harbors)

Mt. Sitzmark - also called Arctic Park

Mt. Wirth (see Theodore Wirth Park)

New Brighton Rope Tow (probably same as TCAAP)

Norski Hill (later became Inver Hills)

North Star Tow - see Barker's Alps

Ojibway Ski Bowl - Also called: Big Ojibway Mountain, Fond Du Lac Ojibway Bowl, Fond du Lac Winter Sports Center

Old Smokey Hill Ski Park (Smoky)

Pine Bend Ski Area

Pine Valley

Pipestone (may be Benton Valley)

Potter Ridge

  • Kimball, MN - central Minnesota
  • v: 250 ft.
  • Ski Area Guide, SKIING Magazine, Sept. 1969, pp. 162-164 This is the only reference I could find. Probably did not exist. May be confused with Powder Ridge, Kimball.


Rochester Ski Hill - see Bamber Hills

Rock Hill

  • Duluth, MN (St. Louis County) - northeast Minnesota -
  • WR Bagley Nature Center on the University of Minnesota Campus
  • v: 124 ft.
  • Google Maps / Google Earth
  • Picture - University of Minnesota Duluth Facebook Page
  • Picture - UMD Libraries Media
  • skimap.org (0 maps)

Royal Oak

Rushford (Mt. Rushford)

Saint John's University

Sawtooth Mountains Ski Area

Shingobee Ski Area

Singing Hills

Ski Devil

Ski Haven - became Mount Kato in 1977 - still open

Ski Tonka


Snail Lake


Snobakken Ski Tow

Steeplechase Ski & Snowboard

Sugar Hills

Theodore Wirth Park ( also called Wirth Park, Mt. Wirth)



  • Detroit Lakes, MN - west central Minnesota (15 miles east of Detroit Lakes on US 34)
  • v: 300
  • Google Maps / Google Earth (exact location unknown)
  • In 1978 (Skalka): 1 rope tow, 4 chairlifts ??

Two Harbors (probably the same as Voyageur Skiway; may be the same as Mt. Silver)

Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant (TCAAP)

University of Minnesota Duluth - see Rock Hill

Val Chatel

Val Croix - became Wild Mountain, still open

Val Hulla ??

  • Mankato, MN - south central Minnesota
  • on 1963 map
  • Skiers Take to Chartered Busses - Minneapolis Star, Dec, 20, 1963, p. 40
  • The only reference found is the Dec. 20, 1963 Minneapolis Star article and map. It is doubtful that it acutally existed.

Viking Valley

Villa Park (Villa-Arctic Park?)

Voyageur Skiway (probably the same as Two Harbors)

Wirth Park (see Theodore Wirth Park)

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Afton Alps

Andes Tower Hills

Buck Hill

Buena Vista

Chester Bowl Park

Coffee Mill

Como Park

Detroit Mountain

Elm Creek Winter Recreation Area

Giants Ridge

Hyland Hills Ski Area (formerlay called Hyland Ski and Snowboard Area, Mt. Normandale, amd maybe Bush Lake)


Mount Itasca (1 maps)

Mount Kato (formerly called Anderson's Hill and Ski Haven)

Mount Ski Gull

Pine Valley Ski Area and Jump Center

Powder Ridge Ski Area

Spirit Mountain

Welch Village Ski Area

Wild Mountain Ski Area

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FROM: Ski Magazine, Dec., 1977


It’s nice to have a skier in the White House. Ski equipment manufacturers love it, travel agencies love it, resorts love it. Skiers even like the idea. It’s called visibility.

As Vice President, Walter Mondale isn't nearly as visible as a skiing President. But then that’s okay with him.Years before Jerry Ford became the country’s most photographed skier, sending wire service photographers scurrying, Fritz Mondale was slugging it out quietly on the slopes of the Midwest — Sugar Hills, Quadna, Telemark, Hurley, Ironwood, Porcupine Mountains — “wherever my skis would fit.”

He admits he’s no Henri Duvillard, but he does love to ski. Wife Joan Mondale, in fact, wouldn't have it any other way.“I always wanted to ski, but 1 grew up in southern Minnesota where there wasn’t much snow, and even fewer hills,” says the Vice President. "So I started skiing in college — and particularly when I married Joan, who ????? Mondale: Skiing, for me, is essential. 'loves to ski. It was a condition of our marriage.”

Mondale also attests to the notion that a family that skis together gets it together. “I don't know of any time that our family is more together than when we’re skiing,” says Mondale . “ We love it . ” He and his family try to ski at least once a year and in recent seasons have been skiing at Aspen, Vail and Alta. Says Mondale: “Skiing for me, is essential. I don’t know of any sport that’s more wholesome, that's better for you physical.

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